Digital marketing continues to grow in importance. People spend more time online, and marketing budgets continue shifting toward digital. With so many opportunities in digital marketing, it is easy to get into execution mode and start doing. However, investing in your strategy is one of the best ways to grow your digital return on investment. A clear digital marketing strategy plan helps to reduce waste, add focus to your efforts, and build on what is already working.

What do you know about a digital marketing strategy plan?

A digital marketing strategy is a list of steps and specific digital marketing goals.

It has a plan of specific action that describes in detail what to do and how to choose online marketing channels efficiently to reach your target audience.

Having a digital strategy is vital since it will help you organize all the different digital marketing plans in order to achieve your business goals.

The person responsible to design and execute a digital strategy should have digital marketing experience since this is the playground of search engine algorithm masters.

8 Efficient Steps To Create A Digital Marketing Strategy Plan In 2023

How to make a digital marketing plan efficiently?

1. Determine what you want to accomplish with digital marketing

A solid strategy starts by determining specific goals and analyzing and examining them. These give you a clear vision of where to start and how to compete against your competitors and also a deeper understanding and closer connections to your customers.

  • Analyze your performance with measurable metrics of your performance over the last year. Dive into analytics to determine what worked and didn’t work and why to create a perfect digital solution.
  • Spend some time evaluating your competitors’ digital presence. Observe what they do and how efficient it is to their marketing plan. You can use competitive research tools like Ahref, and Semrush to get a free analysis of their strategy.

2. A perfect digital marketing plan that has specific milestones and targets.

Some typical goals are:

Raise brand awareness: Could be measured by the number of increasing YouTube video views, Facebook Ad reach, increasing Facebook Followers, and/or getting brand mentions from high-traffic websites, etc. This helps you in the case you want to expand or start a new business.

Increase organic traffic: You could get the report on the number of new users, and the organic traffic over time through Google Analytics and the Google Search Console. On the way to creating a digital marketing plan, it’s vital to see the growth of your website traffic. When you determine exactly the traffic you want to get in a specific time like a month or a year you could calculate how many actions are needed to achieve it. It’s also a base to grow the other target which is listed below.

Make more sales: One of the typical targets is making more sales through marketing. You could define by the expected increase proportion like 5%, 10%. 

Get more email subscribers: Email marketing is becoming a useful marketing method for keeping in touch with customers. With a righteous email marketing strategy, you could build a loyal customer list. 

And other targets, you may want to set up like how much you could reduce the cost of PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns, how many Facebook followers, how many YouTube subscribers could get more and etc.

8 Efficient Steps To Create A Digital Marketing Strategy Plan In 2023

3.  Portrait your target customer’s persona. 

Facebook Audience Insights is a free tool by Facebook that you can use to figure out details about your customer’s persona. Google Trends is another free tool to see topics people search for and search trends over time. Knowing what customers desire and what their pain points are will help you to find the right keywords and correct approaching methods.


4. Build your content strategy.

Based on your marketing objectives and your target audience, create a digital marketing plan about content that you will approach. This should identify the main topics or buckets of content to include in your execution.

Here are five ways to get content inspiration:

  • Look for ideas from the content of your competitor and customers’ inquiries.
  • Find the answer from Answer the Public to see what people are actually asking in search engines.
  • Research hashtags on social channels to see what is trending. 
  • Consider Google Search suggestions. This helps you to identify what people are searching for related to your category.
  • Explore Google trends to know what people are attracted to in recent time.

Analyze the result and adjust your strategy

5. Choose your channels and tactics.

After creating the content plan that resonates with your audience, consider the channels that are most likely to connect with your customer the best.

Check through all the potential digital channels, tools, and tactics that you could use. Then prioritize based on the strategy and finally think about how each channel contributes to meeting your objective and goal. 


6. Set key performance indicators and benchmarks.

Too often, businesses start executing but struggle to answer the question of whether they are really getting results. Each activity that you invest in should have a clear KPI, which is your measure of success. Next, set benchmarks. Your benchmark is what you want to achieve. For example, with email marketing, my KPI could be my email open rate, and my benchmark could be reaching 25% or better. 

7. Update the latest new algorithm and execute it with best practices.

Search Engines always update and change frequently new algorithms for better user experiences and to prevent spam and harmful content. Hence, you need to check out and update the information to execute correctly. You may find yourself getting no results that you expect if you ignore the execution steps. Make sure that you are making the most of your best practices. Remember that doing a few things well is better than doing many things poorly.

8. Analyze the result and adjust your digital marketing strategy

Do you know a digital marketing plan has the ability to pivot and adjust? Yes, that’s right.  You don’t have to stick strictly to the very first strategy. For example, if the current plan doesn’t bring you any result as expected, stop it and adjust it to a new one, sometimes it contrasts with your previous plan but that doesn’t matter. Since achieving the goals is our job and there are many ways to get there. To reduce the risk ratio and save more time and budget,, you should test the strategy: Run an A/B comparison test with different calls to action. For example, you can test a “learn more” call to action against “sign up now” to see what performs best.

Last but not least, hold in your heart that the key to achieving your results is to create a clear digital marketing plan and stay focused. It means that you clearly know what you desire to get and which is the best way for you to get your goals.

8 Efficient Steps To Create A Digital Marketing Plan In 2023




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