Communication In Digital Landscape Via Conversational AI

Due to humans are able to connect with each other by communication, we always have to invent many different approaches to extend and strengthen the way we communicate. When we enter a new era, the manner we interact is expected to exceed human-to-human contact, allowing people to connect with technology devices and increase communication efficiency steadily through Martech. Digital Landscape


Speaker, writer, and digital media

Our good communication makes us unique humans. It has been influential in solidifying the development that we have created as a species across all of history. Verbal communication enabled people to work together, and became the first solution we established to protect information. Historical accounts of incidents, legends and myths-these endured the flow of time, for millennia, by word of mouth only.

The writing method expands even farther on how people engage.  Digital Landscape

It provided greater protection of information in order to transmit it through different formats. From Egyptian inscriptions to Viking runes, our predecessors used these methods to connect more efficiently to one another and thus were capable of reaching out across time and sharing their stories with everyone currently.

With the launch of the world wide web and the telco industry development in the 1990s, that is the reason why human communication started to transform once again. In the Martech era now, mobile phones had been popular as PCs, making text messaging’s trend almost unavoidable.

The Internet population had surpassed 1 billion users in 2005. Likewise, by the end of the same century, more than 3 billion users worldwide now utilized mobile phones daily. There are approximately 5 billion people with a mobile device currently-equal to two-thirds of the world with connection to a smartphone, laptop or any other form of mobile device.

The evolution of digital communication and Martech from 2010 to 2020 has brought new communication changes in both daily lives and even business.

How will the digital communication future? When the world’s population is being closer to completely communicated and it’s not going to be long before we can contact everyone, anyplace and at any moment. 

From digital networking forms to virtual technology

When Martech contributes to itself in mostly every demand of daily life, the limits of what comprises digital communication are being much more blurry; especially artificial intelligence. Today customers tend to devices to deal with both the earthly and essential parts of life and This behavior transition indicates that our devices are no longer completely the method to keep in touch to discuss our problems to a 3rd person. Instead, they assume the position of helpers we expect to take step on our representative, to get things done right away.

Various industries, businesses have already started to catch this trend in customer service. Customers enjoy self-service rather than waiting for human service representatives, and direct messaging is surpassing email and phone as the main platform for customers to contact the brands they know about.

AI is at the frontline of this communication change.

Innovations in learning and language processing technology are approaching new levels of maturity that make machines suitable at the highest level for comprehension, interpreting and reacting to human communication. And we see these developments affecting industries, for example, with main Nordic companies showing a 50% decrease in traffic to human agents and 3 in 4 clients opting to communicate with a virtual agent even when provided with the chance of talking to people.

In the near future, we are able to notice that conversational AI is going to shape its own position more directly in how online discussions are created automatically. Conversational AI nowadays can allow qualified teams to decipher established chat logs to define key issues that are then used to create a virtual agent’s base, Building this data sets is always a long procedure; and although using pre-built, vertical-specific content may accelerate but this is a need of a lot manpower.

A much better answer is to supply the same chat logs into an AI which is self-learning. Enabling it to smartly construct a structure of purpose based on the patterns that it acknowledges in the database that it must do in hours. People would then merely be accountable for ‘cleaning up’ the outcome and still make sure the communication media quality meets the high standards.

Understanding plays an important position in the base of all communication. Hence, allowing machines to understand us to develop many new fields of connection between the human being and machine better.