Overall Of Martech Landscape 2020

“Technology has truly become a primary pillar of how marketing operates.”

Martech is a priority in the Industrial Revolution. Developing martech strategy is based on  observation and evaluation. Organizations will get a more comprehensive understanding of martech landscape and the way martech effects and transform the business currently.


The martech landscape in 2020 has appeared. According to Scott Brinker, Martech Conference Chair, crowdsourced data from hundreds of participants to bring the latest version of the landscape together in this year.

The most interesting and useful detail about the martech landscape of this year that it comes with an interactive element. Marketers may log in at martech5000 web to access the interactive portal. All 8,000 martech tools described in the landscape can be searched and accessed by users and contributing new updates and submitting feedback for moderators to evaluate and integrate into the official platform database.

Martech ecosystem in Covid-19 pandemic

Nobody can predict the strength of the COVID-19 epidemic that will be effected businesses seriously, but martech ecosystem is always expected to continue to expand.

Martech today is possibly seeing a rise, and the world is becoming more digital. Since there are no barriers to creating platforms, there is more software being built, and we continue to see more no-code solutions.

Integration is one thing that has changed since last year. Brinker mentioned Ascend2’s Martech Stack Optimization Survey which found that more marketers prefer easy to use martech tools that provide greater use and quicker implementation by teams than integration capability solutions.  It was similar when 53% of survey respondents preferred ease-of-use solutions, 50 % preferred integration.

Martech trend

Though the 615 tools eliminated in the last year, the martech trend in 2020 still has a growth rate of 13.6% with 1,575 new solutions incorporated in all tools.

Data solutions had the largest rise when focusing on development in the main categories of platforms, increasing 25.5 percent since last year. The lowest number of development was seen in advertising and promotion tools, increasing less than 5% from last year.

Conversational and chat tools were up 70% for subcategories and, expectedly, governance and compliance tools rose 68%, though each of these categories makes up a tiny portion of the landscape.

60% of marketing leaders said they predicted a rise in martech investment over the next 12 months. With remote work being a vital part of the current workforce, many marketing teams depend on budget software and technology to cooperate on campaigns and keep track of their work.

Investment in Content Marketing Platforms will grow up significantly at about 20% for marketer’s businesses. The Content Marketing Platform (CMP) is a software tool that helps marketing teams to coordinate and optimize marketing processes from planning and development through to collaboration and approval.

Due to COVID-19 altering the way we contact the community, most CMOs and marketing leaders concentrate on discovering tools that help you build more content quickly – including blog posts, articles, webinars, and ebooks – to make up for live events. Not unexpectedly, the survey revealed that 20% of marketing leaders for their marketing company would invest substantially in a content marketing platform.