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Heather Borquez – REPRESENTATIVE

“Bitrix24 is very useful when we try to establish a contact with people searching our website for properties in Baja. Once a client goes on our website, we are able to immediately chat with them. We can see what they are looking for (e.g. condos, beachfront, houses, small ranches etc.) and we chat back right away. We have saved a number of “chats” so we are able to respond immediately in the language of the user. We have inquiries in Spanish and English and we can see from the country flag wh ere the user is from and what language they speak. We can also see when they navigate to our other offices and provide them with properties and information specific to the place they are navigating to. The possibility to predict what our customers are interested in substantially increases the number of sales deals we close.”


Diamante Associates is a real estate agency located in La Paz, Mexico. Diamante Associates specializes in real estate throughout the Baja California Sur areas, with La Paz and La Ventana being their main areas of specialty. The agency has chosen Bitrix24 as their collaboration suite to manage sales in three different cities and increase productivity of the real estate agents.

CRM for Real Estate agency

Selling real estate is a complex process, which, among other things, requires successful lead generation techniques, deep understanding of your clients’ needs and comprehensive overview of the real estate market. CRM software is a necessary tool which helps real estate agencies to achieve these q9als. The riq!)t CRM SY$tem increases efficiency_ of the whole team and enables real estate aq?nts to close more deals.

Why Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a collaboration platform which Diamante Associates uses in all three cities where they sell real estate. According to Heather Borquez, a representative of Diamante Associates, the most useful tool for their company is Bitrix24 CRM. It allows their agents to analyze the inquiries of their prospects and have a clear picture of the demand on the real estate market. Moreover, Bitrix24 improves their customer service as the agents can offer immediate support to prospects and clients via chat. One of the best parts of working with Bitrix24 is improved productivity of the team: in Diamante Associates productivity increased by 10 – 15% in the first four months.

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